Research Projects

CRSLab is currently undertaking research into the following areas:

  • Open data: reuse and applications to the creation of open welfare systems
  • Hackers, crackers, and different kinds of hackerism
  • Artificial intelligence and digital public opinion
  • Hate speech, fake news, and information and disinformation processes
  • Digital ethnography, virtual communities, and online subcultures
  • The electoral observatory
  • Cybersecurity and online terrorism
  • Digital crime
  • Privacy and protection of personal data
  • Tourism 3.0


From the methodological point of view, the following research tools have been utilised:

  • Web surveys and analysis of data and metadata
  • Online focus groups
  • Web scraping and reading people to people big data
  • Digital ethnography
  • Social network analysis
  • Semantic social network analysis
  • Text mining
  • Machine learning
  • Research activities
  • Open data and open welfare
  • Online communities of practice
  • Junk information
  • Hate speech
  • Sustainable tourism and computational techniques
  • Online analyses of the public sphere